If you need a task manager application to run on your Linux operating system, tap into a software category filled with options that go far beyond the to-do list app you have stuffed into your smartphone.

Keeping up to date with multiple daily activity calendars, tons of information, and never-ending must-do lists can become a never-ending challenge. This week’s Linux Picks and Pans reviews the top open source task management and to-do apps that will serve you well on most Linux distributions.

The applications included in this roundup are not presented in any ranked order. Some are readily available in distro repositories. Other packages require manual installation.

1. Task Coach Masters Details

2. GNOME ToDo: Listicles and More

3. AKIEE: Abandoned Potential

4. Remember the Milk: Forgets Nothing

5. GnoTime: Not Just a Tracking Tool

6. Toodledo: Cloud-based Organizer Extraordinaire