Google Assistant real-time translation
The biggest highlight of Google’s CES 2019 demo has been real-time translation. Officially dubbed Interpreter Mode, we tested out its ability to translate between two people speaking different languages.

It worked for us at the Caesar’s Palace concierge desk, where we spoke English and a Google employee spoke fluent Italian. We didn’t understand anything the person said to us until Google Assistant on a Google Home Hub read loud the English translation seconds later.

New smartphone functions
Google Assistant is just getting smartphone on phones. The AI behind the assistant is constantly being improved to better understand what it’s being told. It’s also being supported by more apps, making it easier to complete tasks.

What’s that mean for you? For one thing, better dictation, as Google Assistant can automatically handle punctuation on Android and iOS phones. It’s also just getting better at messaging in general, with the ability to read back and reply to all of your messaging notification on Android.

Google Assistant in your car
Google is also aiming to make your driving experience safer. Beyond the upgrades to messaging with Google Assistant that will make it easier to handle communication while keeping your eyes on the road, Google Assistant will work directly with Google Maps on both Android and iOS.

If you don’t have a dedicated Android Auto device built into your car, you’re not out of luck in 2019. You can still just mount up your phone and use that, or take your pick of new auto accessories that will come with Google Assistant built-in.